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HTML5 Flip Book Maker Released by Awesome Digital Publishing Platform with Flexible Pricing Options

HTML5 Flip Book Maker Released by Awesome Digital Publishing Platform with Flexible Pricing Options

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 28, 2014

PUB HTML5 is a company that offers an innovative HTML5 flip book maker to a digital publication for magazines, catalogs, interactive brochures and other written materials that are accessible from major mobile platforms that are inclusive of iOS, Android and Win8 worldwide. See Flickr video about the HTML5 flip book maker at:


With its five pricing plans to choose from, PUB HTML5 allows users and publishers to generally obtain their preference in access to services offered, specification and price charges. Some features of exclusive and premium plans include logo branding, media and Youtube embedding and lastly, local publishing. On the other hand, users and publishers who have no budget for publishing their magazines, catalogs and brochures are also catered by PUB HTML5 through the Free Plan, which comprises a slight variation in access to services offered rather than those by the premium plans. However, all users of any plan can generally utilize the service of publishing and uploading an unlimited amount of written documents online.

Furthermore, the HTML5 digital publishing platform called PUB HTML5 added the Flipbook feature that intends to convert documents such as magazines, catalogs and brochures in PDF file into an interactive high definition HTML5 Flipbook. The feature is designed to deliver an exceptional browsing and shopping experience to the publishers’ audience worldwide. More to that point, PUB HTML5 delivers brochures and catalogs with a beautiful interface that looks like a genuine flipping magazine or pamphlet based on HTML5. The Flipbook allows users to produce an impressively unique digital catalogs and brochures that stimulate a splendid shopping experience for both potential customers and patrons.

Moreover, in this era of the digital age, most people can be seen in virtual communities. Therefore, PUB HTML5 believes in the power of digital publication as it accesses broader audiences worldwide.  In addition, HTML5 digital brochures and catalogs are packed with extensive graphics, rich media and embedded links, hence a fun and vigorous marketing environment for the customers to experience. This technology will not only noticeably increase the brands’ sales, but it will likewise contribute to the improvement of the brands’ reputation around the world.

“I have been struggling converting my PDF into virtual paper myself for the past years and when I found Pub Html5. I was amazed by the fast conversion of my PDF and the great quality and services they have given me. It works great on iOS, Android and non-Flash devices,” said Olivier Celement, one of the thousand pleased customers of PUB HTML5. Although the graphics are luxuriously existent in this innovation, the technology remains mobile friendly and suitable for web viewing and other web technologies. This ability divests users and publishers of the troubles in virtual transferability and compatibility hence chosen by a number of well-known clients like NetApp, Epson, TeleTech, Toshiba and many more.

Learn more about the software at or visit PUB HTML5 web site

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