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Helpline for Young Adults in Casselberry Features Substance Abuse Recovery Support

Helpline for Young Adults in Casselberry Features Substance Abuse Recovery Support

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 16, 2014

For teens in Casselberry, FL who struggle with drugs and alcohol, a new helpline could be the difference needed for a successful recovery.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/16/2014) – There are plenty of teenagers in Florida who don’t have an issue with drugs and alcohol. For those that do however, getting help from a qualified substance abuse therapist should be a top priority. Fortunately a new helpline established for troubled teens in Casselberry, FL is offering a place for real advice, guidance and support. By calling the helpline, adolescents are opening themselves up to assistance from addiction professionals who understand substance abuse and how it needs to be approached.

The helpline can be reached by calling (407) 378-3503 or by sending an email to any time during the day or night. Teenagers are urged to call, but so are their parents. Finding a reliable drug and alcohol recovery center isn’t something that an adolescent can do on their own. It takes a coordinated effort from family and friends who need to offer their support as someone makes a positive change in the way they live their life.

Anyone ages 14 through 19 who struggles with a substance abuse issue in Casselberry, FL should pick up the phone right now and get in touch with people who can help. You’ll be glad you did!

About the troubled teen helpline in Casselberry, FL:

Teenagers looking for a helpful drug and alcohol teen recovery center should consider calling the helpline at (407) 378-3503 as soon as possible. You can also visit the website for more information about the recovery process for young adults.

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