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Helpline for Gibsonville Can Help in Finding Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Helpline for Gibsonville Can Help in Finding Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 23, 2014

A new helpline in Gibsonville, NC can help locate substance abuse treatment centers for teens in trouble.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/21/14 — When a teenager starts to use drugs and alcohol, they are often unaware of the physical, mental and emotional toll it can take on someone. Drugs and alcohol carry the very real potential to ruin the life of an adolescent in Gibsonville, NC so getting help now is one of the best things you can do for a young addict. In order to provide a legitimate option for recovery, the new helpline for troubled teens in Gibsonville, NC is offering real advice and guidance for adolescents who are looking for a teen recovery center with qualified substance abuse therapists. Teenagers can call the helpline at (336) 447-7647 right now and start the process of achieving sobriety with support from those who understand the process.

The helpline also features an informative website which can be viewed at for more information about how a drug and alcohol teen recovery center can offer a legitimate shot at sobriety for any adolescent who wants to turn their life around as quickly as possible. Adolescents who really need assistance are often initially resistant to the process. However by working with experienced and compassionate teenager advocates, patients are treated with the respect they deserve, making rehab much more pleasant. Call the helpline today and start down the path to sober living!

About the troubled teen helpline for Gibsonville, NC:

When an adolescent needs assistance with a drug or alcohol abuse issue, calling the troubled teen helpline at (336) 447-7647 can help immensely with the recovery process. A qualified substance abuse therapist at a teen recovery center can be a big help, so locate yours by calling the helpline today! You can also send an email to for more information about finding reliable rehabilitation.

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