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Free HTML5 Flipping Book Publisher – Make Digital Publishing Easy with PUB HTML5

Free HTML5 Flipping Book Publisher – Make Digital Publishing Easy with PUB HTML5

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 21, 2014

PUB HTML 5 has launched Free HTML5 flipping book publisher that helps users create catalog, magazine, brochures and books into interactive HTML5 digital publications for free.

Helping users publish digital magazines worldwide, PUB HTML5 is a great platform for businesses to deliver a one of a kind reading and shopping experience to readers. The HTML5 and CSS3 ebook created from PDF is accessible to all mobile platforms, iOs, Android and Win8.

Since marketing is an important factor in launching a business, it is just right to present a brand in a creative way to keep clients impressed in an instant. PUB HTML5 helps business owners to use their creativity to reach more clients, rather than using the traditional approach in promoting their businesses.

Users can also take advantage of the flipping book publisher by enhancing the reading experience with images, slideshows, movies, audio and more. Users can forget the troubles of compatibility and transferability since PUB HTML5 is mobile friendly.

For branding purposes, users are allowed to add their own touch when it comes to creating domain, logo, branding colors and style. Forget about having no coding skills, with PUB HTML5, users can customize their own brand according to their taste.

Faster than other catalog services, PUB HTML5 makes it easier for readers to browse a digital catalog with their easy page swiping and zooming. With their Page Editor Feature, users can also embed YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, camera displayer with different responsive buttons and custom links.

To access the digital catalog online, all digital publications will be saved using the cloud storage technology. This makes it possible for all readers to view the digital publication anytime, anywhere!

With over 30000+ companies using the software, PUB HTML5 is the ultimate software to help business owners reach more audiences and promote their businesses to the next level.



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