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Fast Growing Industry Player Is Looking for Investors

Fast Growing Industry Player Is Looking for Investors

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 18, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/17/14 Colorado, Owner Lodging just announced the launch of their first 4000 properties for rent on a short term basis and to which by the way they count adding constantly.
These properties are located both in urban areas and big cities, from Istanbul to New York as well as premiere vacation spots like ski or beach resorts and they range from an apartment to the villa/castle size.

Owner rental is a way to offer the traveler a way of saving money by having the choice of cooking and eating home or going out, this while having a private living room to entertain friends. On top of that their loyalty program offers immediately a 5% discount applicable to the next bookings. Owner Lodging also outlined the fact that traveling in group or with a family makes the rental even cheaper compared to a similar amount of Hotel rooms, without forgetting that the traveler will have the comfort of having their own kitchen and living area.

Owner Lodging  also announced a new way of searching for properties: on their “Homepage” or even better on the “Search by Map” page you can zoom in urban areas so to focus in finding a rental near the desired objectives, for example if you are traveling for a conference or to visit a specific exhibit, you can change the map to satellite view and see the layout of the streets around the objective so not to be too far.

Having all their logistics and operations in place they ought to be considered a major player in this fast growing industry, they are actively looking for INVESTORS and are willing to discuss any type of financial arrangement. They confirm having very healthy margins and their operational costs are very low. 

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