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Fashion Expert, Rebecca Clarizio Mentors Fashion Students for AdM

Fashion Expert, Rebecca Clarizio Mentors Fashion Students for AdM

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 8, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/07/14 –Accademia di Moda is setting a new standard for fashion design schools. The accelerated program is both innovative and rich with personal experience. Unlike other schools, Accademia di Moda students have an exclusive opportunity to be mentored by leading fashion experts.  This experience coupled with the exposure from the week-long Fashion Summit in NYC provides an invaluable experience to their students.  At Accademia di Moda students will gain experience and exposure as well as connections and job leads.  It’s a benefit other fashion schools fail to deliver.

Accademia di Moda’s program is unparalleled, as it gives students a first-hand experience in understanding what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.  Students will have a hands-on experience to learn how the fashion industry functions. The best part is it all takes place with the guidance and mentorship of Preceptors.  Take for example, Rebecca Clarizio, a technical designer for Michael Kors. She will be one of the many experts to work with students, sharing best practices, offering mentorship and exposure to industry standards and practices. 

In a recent interview, Rebecca reveals her thoughts about the Preceptorship Program and her role as a Preceptor.  
Here is what Rebecca Clarizio had to say,” I am eager to work with AdM because it offers students and graduates in fashion design the chance to work with industry professionals. It allows its students to gain real industry knowledge and learn applications used in day-to-day business. This is something that is not offered in design school, yet is valuable when deciding what direction to take your fashion career in.  I am very excited about working with AdM students, as I have so many best practices to share with them.  AdM students will come away from this Preceptorship being much more knowledgeable about how the industry functions. AdM is providing a great service for prospective employees in the fashion industry by giving them exposure to industry standards and practices that many design schools aren’t able to provide.”

Accademia di Moda is an online fashion design school offering a unique Preceptorship program for fashion students.  This distinctive program allows fashion industry experts to serve as Preceptors, instructors and mentors, for their students.  At Accademia di Moda, students benefit from one-on-one coaching. The focus is on setting students up for success in their education, career and life. It’s all part of the three cornerstones of Accademia di Moda, Education, Experience and Exposure. See what makes Accademia di Moda the hot new trend in online fashion design schools. Visit Accademia di Moda on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  To find out what’s trending at Accademia di Moda visit or call toll free 844-431-6689.

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