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Empowering women one step at a time – The Confidence Gap

Empowering women one step at a time – The Confidence Gap

by WireService.coJuly 17, 2014

Pioneering the effort to empower women mentally so they view themselves as equals in a true sense, ‘The Confidence Gap’ is a powerful website that set its sights on correcting the self-image of women today.

Fairfax, VA — Today women are taking over men’s roles in almost all spheres of life. However studies have repeatedly shown that there is a huge difference in the confidence that women show and the confidence they actually feel inside. Similarly the confidence levels of men and women, doing the same job, vary a lot. The Confidence Gap has made it its mission to address this inequality by helping both sexes to make the change in their perceptions step by step.


This website ( was created to be a place where men and women can come to know about their inbuilt perceptions of women vs the reality. This will not only help them be more productive in life but also enjoy it with a sense of self awareness. They aim at correcting beliefs and behaviors which have been ingrained in their psyche for generations resulting in a flawed projection of the image of women.

The Confidence Gap aims to:

  • Bring women together and kick starting a unique project
  • Correct beliefs about women by exchanging nebulous beliefs for concrete facts
  • Strengthen and empowering women
  • Help men to realize their behaviors that decrease the value of women
  • Unlearn and re-learn things that will form the basis of an equal society for both

“I’m all about women empowering each other instead of tearing each other down. Even more about a woman building herself up amongst those that wish to see her fall. Every woman has an inner strength. Some just need help finding it. My inner strength has been challenged lately, but I’m fighting.” — Nicolette (“Nikki”) Lewis

The Confidence Gap is a place for both women and men to come together to see the subconscious fallacies in gender-related thought processes. The website is the most convenient way for everyone to participate for free and work individually, or and in groups, to achieve specific goals. Nicolette Lewis from the Confidence Gap team will guide them in shaping those goals, and defining steps to reach them.

“We are tackling a huge problem in a way that, to our knowledge, has never been attempted. Right now, we are seeking members who will take the lead in shaping the outcome of this project.” – Eric Silver, Co-Creator, The Confidence Gap

Media Contact:-

Name: – Eric Silver

Phone Number:- 703-348-0681

Email ID:-


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