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Easton Adolescents with Substance Abuse Issues Encouraged to Contact New Helpline

Easton Adolescents with Substance Abuse Issues Encouraged to Contact New Helpline

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 23, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07-17/14 — It’s not easy growing up in Easton, MD, but for some, the constant urge to use drugs and alcohol can make things even worse. Adolescents who struggle with substance abuse are often unaware of where they can go for assistance with their drinking or drug use problem. Fortunately a new helpline serving troubled teens in Easton is making the process of finding a legitimate teen recovery center much easier. By contacting the toll-free number at (410) 690-4670, a teenager can begin to take steps in the right direction towards sobriety.

Getting sober can be a challenge, especially for someone who has been using and abusing substances for quite some time. That’s why it’s vitally important to help an adolescent as soon as they start to slide down the slope to substance abuse. The sooner a teen gets assistance with their addiction, the sooner they can stop using and regain control over their life. For more information about how qualified substance abuse therapists at a teen recovery center can help, please visit for more information. You can get sober, a troubled teen helpline can guide you along the way.

About the troubled teen helpline for Easton, MD:

Adolescents in Easton, Maryland who struggle with addiction issues should contact the helpline for troubled teens at (410) 690-4670 right away. Teenager drug and alcohol users can also visit the website at for more information about how a teen recovery center can assist with sobriety.

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