Doug McCallum questioned on 2005 Punjab,India trip, answer ban on Foreign Travel-Vikram Bajwa

Surrey BC. Judy Swan. On March 23, 2005, Mayor Anu Chatrath of Chandigarh, India and her Councilors played hosts to Former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and his 12 member team, in the city as part of their visit to Punjab, India. Mayor McCallum was on a friendship mission, with “team of 12″, none of them Councilor, but businessmen and local Tradesmen, from Surrey. The only city official was City Manager Umendra Mital. “Team of 12″, vicited Moga, Ludhiana, Jullundur and Amritsar to sign MOU’s for Sister City Relations.

Now since Former Mayor Doug McCallum has declared his intentions to run as Mayor in 2014, “people have the right to know about his Mayorship and his Foreign trips”, which were part of a scandalous “Mayors Office” of 2004-05, said Mayoral Vikram Bajwa. Mr. McCallum should disclose his relationship and happenings in Punjab of the “Team of 12″, who visited, Raikot, in Ludhiana, where he donated Canadian dollars to a local College. “We will file a “FOI”, on his trip to Punjab India and request him to reveal the reasons, that he stands “to Ban any Foreign Travel”, for the future Mayor, asks Bajwa.

Besides involved in firing of his City Officials, they had to hurriedly “wind up the India Trip”, said Gurinder Gill, a city resident and one of the witness, to his trip to Punjab. Another Witness Sukhbans Kaur named the entire Team 12 as ” Wild Canadians”, who atill resides in Ludhian, India.