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Deland, FL Benefits From New Teen Rehab Helpline

Deland, FL Benefits From New Teen Rehab Helpline

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 17, 2014

A new helpline for troubled teens in Deland, FL is helping locate a reliable drug and alcohol youth rehab facility.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/17/2014) – Deland, FL might not be the biggest and most exciting town in Florida, but that doesn’t mean teenagers are any less likely to being experimenting with drugs and alcohol. When adolescents start using, they are doing serious damage to their potential. A teenager has their whole life ahead of them and it’s crucial for adolescents to get sober as soon as possible. Finding the right place to recovery from a substance abuse problem can be a challenge, but thankfully the new troubled teen helpline for Deland, FL can provide support, guidance and advice for anyone looking to find a real youth rehab facility.

It’s important to get help from certified addiction counselors because they are the most qualified to offer assistance. A certified addiction counselor can be the guiding force a teenager needs to say no to drugs and alcohol once and for all. Adolescents who don’t know where to turn for help should pick up the phone right now and call the troubled teen helpline today at (386) 337-3069 for more information about how a youth rehab facility can help. You can also visit the website at to learn more about the helpline and what rehab is all about. Don’t hesitate to call today and turn your life around!

About the troubled teen helpline for Deland, FL:

By calling the troubled teen helpline for Deland, FL at (386) 337-3069, an adolescent is taking their recovery seriously. Reaching sobriety now is vitally important for success so call the helpline and locate a drug and alcohol rehab facility as soon as possible. Send an email to for more information.

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