DanceKidsUSA to launch new Dance Competition with TV Pilot – Auditions in August

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/24/14 –DanceKidsUSA is a unique Dance Competition that is run by KIDS.  The announcer, backstage manager and all judges are ages 12-15.
For young dancers who compete each week, this will offer a completely new perspective on their performances.

“We believe the competitive dance community will welcome this new approach to dance adjudication.  We have spoken to many competing dance studios and everyone seems to be excited about the change.”

DanceKidsUSA will kick off its upcoming season with a dance competition in South Florida in November.  The event will be filmed for TV.

The Company has scheduled an open-call audition on August 24 for experienced dancers age 12-15 who are interested in being judges, announcers or backstage managers.  The Company is also casting “supervising judges”, adult dance instructors who will advise the judges in scoring dance routines.

Interested parties should visit the Company website at for more information or to register for the audition.

Telephone 954-781-6833