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Controversial Catholic Priest Thomas “TQ” Quinlan Subject of Art Exhibition at One11 Art Gallery, August 8 – September 14

Controversial Catholic Priest Thomas “TQ” Quinlan Subject of Art Exhibition at One11 Art Gallery, August 8 – September 14

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 3, 2014

Controversial Catholic Priest Thomas “TQ” Quinlan 
Subject of Art Exhibition at One11 Art Gallery, August 8 – September 14

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Norfolk, Virginia (7/3/2014) – Controversial Tidewater Priest, the late Rev. Thomas J. Quinlan, is the subject of a new art exhibit opening at ONE11 Art Gallery on 8 august 2014.   Affectionately known as “TQ,” Quinlan strove to change the way Catholics celebrated mass through of pop culture, symbolism and history at numerous parishes in Virginia over the course of 40 years.

The paintings were born from the struggle director Calvin Thomas had finding the visual story of his former pastor in the documentary “The Trouble with TQ.” He turned to The Virginian-Pilot, and licensed a series of photographs from the newspaper, which frequently documented the Quinlan’s colorful exploits.

“When you are doing this kind of film, it is all about the story telling,” Thomas said. “Archival footage is what you would typically use, but there is very little archival footage from his heyday, so I went to archival photographs. I tried some of the pictures and they worked.”

Thomas was so enamored with the photographs he wondered if they might have additional visual value. “I asked myself: ‘How can we visually extend these pictures?’ I hired an artist and had her work with the initial picture at the window. As an experiment, I cut between the photograph and the painting, and knew I was on to something.  I hired other artists to work on the rest of the pictures. The paintings and the photographs evoke contrasting moods and tell different stories.”

Entitled “Visualizing a Visionary,” the exhibit opens on 8 August and runs through 14 September.  Events during the opening weekend include special screenings of “The Trouble with TQ,” hosted by award-winning director Calvin Thomas of Prodigal Altar Boy Films.  Doors open for the opening weekend events at 5:30PM (8 and 9 August) and 3:00PM on Sunday 10 August.

The documentary won Thomas the Van Gogh Award for Best First Time Director at the 2014

Amsterdam International Film Festival. The film opened to a sold out audience in May at the Naro Expanded Cinema, and garnered favorable reviews. “”The Trouble with TQ” gives us a playful, clear-eyed look at a man who, after all is said and done, was totally serious,” wrote Mal Vincent of The Virginian-Pilot in a review.

“I’m excited about having the artwork on display at the One11 Gallery and being able to show the documentary once again,” said Thomas. “We had a successful opening at the Naro, and it is clear that there is an interest in the film and TQ. It is a credit to his legacy.  Our collaboration with ONE11 Art Gallery expands the reach of the film.  Now, it’s not just a film, it’s an art exhibit, which dovetails with the DVD and books that are part of the package.”

All events will take place at ONE11 Art Gallery, located at 111 Pennsylvania Avenue in Norfolk. Tickets are $35 for the opening night events, where light refreshments will be served – $25 on the other two nights.  For tickets and additional information: – (757) 635-1110

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