CKYE RED FM 93.1 Sanghera loosing Indo-Canadian Community trust,CRTC Complaints on rise.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/17/14–Recent Investigation request to BC Health Minister Hon’ble Terry Lake, into Radio Thons of CKYE RED FM 93.1 and appointment of South Asian Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Kulwinder Sanghera, as Vice Chair of Surrey Memorial Foundation, has the Multicultural Indo Canadians, suspect the intentions of RED FM 93.1, towards donations for the Guru Nanak entrance gate in Surrey. Accusations and complaints to CRTC on their Punjabi Radio host Harjinder Thind’s favoring Surrey First and Mayor Dianne Watts, in 2011, has the B.C.Liberals, NDP, Conservatives have a look at the violations at the hands of its President Sanghera of guidelines of CRTC, subsequently requests  not to renew its License as a Multicultural Ethnic Radio Station, would be filed in their next hearing of renewal by CRTC.

“They have betrayed the Punjabi Indo Canadians, by collecting donations of $ 3 Million dollars on “Guru Nanak’s”, name from the community and then making a back door deal for appointment of Kulwinder Sanghera, as Vice Chair of Surrey Memorial Foundation”, said Giani Kirpal SIngh. among other community leaders, who want to remain anonymus, until the investigation is ordered by the Health Minister. “TheIr favoritism show to Surrey First and Mayor Diane Watts in 2011, during municipal elections and suppressing the Multicultural ethnic issues, leaves no room but to deprive them of being spokesman for the entire South Asian communities in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbottsford “, said Mayoral candidate Vikram Bajwa. NDP Member Gurminder Singh has asked SMF. ceo Jane Adams, to divulge the criteria used to nominate Kulwinder Sanghera as Vice Chair of Surrey memorial Foundation.