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Canada | Competitor to Buckling and Rupture Pin Valves

Canada | Competitor to Buckling and Rupture Pin Valves

by Frankie BixbyJuly 25, 2014

Canada – We manufacture ASME certified Accu-Shear Pin devices, a competitor to Buckling and Rupture Pin Valves.

Nonreclosing Pressure Relieve Devices

Our home office is located at:
9120 S. 241 E. Ave.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74014-7803
Fax: 918-251-5584

We service Canada and surrounding areas. Since 2006, Envirovalve has been changing the game for safety relief valves. Our innovative designs for pressure relief valves have already made significant impacts on the industries we
service. The most impactful of those designs has been our Accu-Shear Pin Device. Our Accu-Shear Breaking Pin Relief Valve Services These Industries:

• Oil

• Gas Transmission Lines

• Chemical

• Petrochemical

• Flare Bypass Valve Systems

• Staging Valve Applications

• Drilling Rigs- Mud Pumps

• Pulp and Paper

• Offshore Platforms

Accu-Shear pin devices compliant with global code regulations that will protect yourself and your company. Our ASME certified Accu-Shear pressure relief devices have a revolutionary design that is different from other traditional Buckling Pin Devices and Valves like Rupture Pin, Buckling Pin, Rupture Disc and BPRV. The device does what its name implies; it shears or breaks the pin as opposed to compressing or bending the pin that you see in most pressure relief valves.

The Accu-Shear device opens and closes like a butterfly valve, and the pin is situated on the outside the device which allows for easy and efficient replacement. The Accu-Shear pin is designed to break cleanly every time. During the manufacture process, every fifth pin is broken to insure the material or tolerance has not changed. Our Accu-Shear pins are less costly than our competitor’s pins and are easily replaced without needing to tear down the entire system.

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