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Board Certified Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Launches

Board Certified Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Launches

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 29, 2014

Multi-media instruction on an online platform breaks the mold of traditional hypnotism instruction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Somersworth, NH, July 29, 2014 Board Certified Hypnotist Paul Ramsay has launched Using multi-media instruction on an online platform, Ramsay is bringing exceptional instruction in hypnosis to anyone in the world who has internet access.   Online training makes hypnosis training more accessible while increasing the quality of the training.

“As hypnotism has become more accepted in the medical community, the need for quality training has increased,” said cognitive neuroscientist Manuel Saint-Victor, M.D. He further stated, “Medical hypnosis is now being used main-stream.   Doctors in medical school are being trained to use hypnosis. I am very excited about Paul’s online training because he is an expert at hypnosis, has years of experience in his private practice, and he also has a strong teaching background. This makes Paul a powerful source for those wishing to learn hypnosis.”

Paul Ramsay said, “I was formally educated to be a teacher.   Before my career in hypnotism, I was a high school English teacher. I have a Bachelor’s in English-Teaching and a Master’s in Secondary Education. As a certified hypnotism instructor, I bring the rare combination of formal training as an educator with a decade of experience as a practicing hypnotist.”

In the old model of hypnotism training, it was, and still is, common for students to have live, in-person training but no follow-up after that training. A student would bring the course materials home to refresh the learning but those materials are most often a manual or workbook. At, students have continued access to instructional videos, so they can re-take the entire class, or segments of the class, anytime they desire. Also, the use of Google Hangouts as a live instructional platform gives students the opportunity to drop in on live video conferencing for “office hours” and Q & A sessions on an ongoing basis.  

Paul Ramsay said, “What I am most excited about is the potential for partnerships and long-term growth at as a learning community. We’re beginning with basic hypnotism instructional programs that will help people get started. If you’re serious about becoming a great hypnotist, you have to commit to lifelong professional development and that is really where we shine. The online platform gives us a chance to bring in guest speakers and guest trainers who have special knowledge in a particular niche of the hypnotism profession.   Graduates of the beginning programs will get their practices started and identify areas they want to specialize in and we will be able to give them that extra training. They will be able to dive deep into specialties like athletic enhancement, hypnotic childbirth, pain management, and more.”

The ultimate goal of is to create a space online that supports the growth of the hypnotism community.   “Exceptional training, support for continued professional growth and development, and higher standards for the hypnotism practice are strong benefits of my program,” said Paul Ramsay.

To learn more or to enroll in classes, go to

About Manuel Saint-Victor, M.D.

Dr. Saint-Victor is Chief Neuroscientist at Mindful360, which he co-founded. Dr. Saint-Victor is focused on using a non-pathological approach to helping people get better by becoming more self-aware of their strengths and resources.     Dr. Saint-Victor trained under Dr. Eva Ritvo, M.D. and Dr. Ray Ownby, M.D., MBA, Ph.D. as a Psychiatry Resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital; attended Medical School at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine; and conducted cognitive neuroscience research under the supervision of Stephen M. Kosslyn, Ph.D. as an undergraduate at Harvard University. Dr. Saint-Victor’s white paper about Core Value Alignment will be released in July 2014.

About Paul Ramsay Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist in private practice, hypnotizes over 1500 people per year, and tours as a stage hypnotist. He is the founder of For over 10 years, Paul Ramsay has been entertaining college and high school students as a stage hypnotist. In 2011, Paul introduced his exclusive interactive show called Mind Games. Paul’s video series Hypnotic shows a day in the life of a traveling stage hypnotist. Paul’s private practice is dedicated to helping individuals stop negative habits such as smoking, fingernail biting, and overeating.     Ramsay’s private practice also offers customized, individual personal coaching programs to help his clients achieve their goals and maximize their potential. For show booking, contact Neon Entertainment, 716-836-6366

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Board Certified Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Launches

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