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Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Users Find Support with Edgewater Helpline

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Users Find Support with Edgewater Helpline

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 17, 2014

A helpline for troubled adolescents in Edgewater, FL is making it easier for teens to find a recovery center which can help them reach sobriety.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/17/2014) – Adolescents in Edgewater, FL are just as likely to want to try drugs and alcohol as young people all across the country, but until now they didn’t have anywhere to turn for reliable drug and alcohol recovery help. Fortunately a new drug and alcohol helpline has been established for teenagers who have a desire to end a serious addiction problem, but may not have the resources at their disposal. The helpline is a great way for young people to talk to someone about which teen recovery center can offer a legitimate hope at sobriety.

To reach the helpline, simply contact the toll free number at any time, day or night and speak with someone who can help. The number is (386) 269-7686 and contacting it may be one of the smartest decisions a person with a serious substance abuse issue can make. Adolescents who are living under the influence of drugs and alcohol all the time need to break the habit now before it’s too late. There is also a helpful website which can be visited at for more information about finding a reliable drug and alcohol teen recovery center.

About the Edgewater, FL helpline for troubled teens:

By contacting (386) 269-7686 or sending an email to, any adolescent can find the drug and alcohol recovery center which offers them a real chance at reaching sobriety. Contact the helpline today and get started with your recovery.

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