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Troubled Teens in Bagdad, FL Have New Substance Abuse Help Options

Troubled Teens in Bagdad, FL Have New Substance Abuse Help Options

by Matthew PaulsonJune 20, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 — Until recently, there were few options for teenagers with substance abuse issues in Bagdad, FL to find help for their disease.  But thanks to a new local troubled teen helpline, young addicts have a forum to voice their questions and concerns pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction. Learning where to turn for help can make the difference between saving a life or wasting a life.

The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (912) 330-4053 during any time of the day or evening.  Adolescent who need help dealing with the drug and alcohol dependencies are encouraged to a call at their convenience. Finding a professional youth rehab center is crucial for any teen seeking to overcome addiction. The helpline is the perfect resource because it offers sound advice and guidance for locating the best recovery center for your situation.

Teenagers begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons. But once a chemical dependency takes shape, sobriety can be difficult to obtain. By calling the helpline, troubled teens are giving themselves the best chance to succeed. Substance abuse will end not go away on its own. It’s important for parents and their teens to take the first step and call the helpline today.

About the troubled teen helpline:

By calling the troubled teen helpline at (912) 330-4053, teens can take the necessary steps they to overcome a serious addiction and regain control of their life. If your child’s drug or alcohol use has gotten out of control, contact the helpline immediately and turn their life around. Visit for more information.

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