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The New Flip Catalog Software Now Can Create Mobile Friendly Catalogs

The New Flip Catalog Software Now Can Create Mobile Friendly Catalogs

by Elsa D. ArnoldJune 20, 2014

FlipBuilder announced on Friday, June 13, 2014 the launch of their latest flip catalog software, Flip PDF. The software costs only $99, and available for download at ECommerce users will find it as an easy and quick way to convert ordinary PDF files into magnificent Flash & HTML 5 publications. Plus, Flip PDF is also a mobile catalog creator and flash and HTML5 publications created by it run on all prominent devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android and produce excellent page flip animations with sound.

The Flip PDF software enables eCommerce users to create digital magazines or brochures that give a look and feel of actual books without having any programming work done.

“We want to simplify things for eCommerce user. We created Flip PDF software to help our creative users to create amazing digital magazines, brochure or any marketing material in just three steps. You just have to pay a negligible cost, i.e. $99 and you get to create unlimited flash and HTML5 publications,” said FlipBuilder Publication.

The flash and HTML5 publications created by using the Flip PDF software will work in both online and offline condition. Users can choose to publish it on the web, share via email or can store in CD, DVD, USB, and more. Standard version ofFlip PDF software (4.0.1) for Windows 8,7, Vista and XP is available for download at the FlipBuilder website.

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is an innovative and one-of-its-kind digital publishing platform. The company provides wonderful, user-friendly and affordable solutions to convert static PDF files into excellent flipbook online. You will find a series of software solutions, which are ideal for publishing eBook, distribute online magazine, and create business brochure or any other type of multi-pages document by following simple steps. To learn more about FlipBuilder, and its services, visit-

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FlipBuilder is an innovative and revolutionary platform for professionals to publish their digital books online. The company serves the industry by providing easy-to-use tool to thousands of online publishers. For more information about FlipBuilder, please visit their website at