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Teen Addicts in Memphis, FL Can Call New Helpline for Assistance

Teen Addicts in Memphis, FL Can Call New Helpline for Assistance

by Matthew PaulsonJune 10, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/10/14 — There are thousands of teenagers in Memphis, FL but unfortunately some of them struggle with a significant drug and alcohol abuse problem. Despite the good intentions of all the parents in Memphis, adolescents can start experimenting with substance abuse and that can open the door for a real issue to develop down the road. Calling the troubled teen helpline is a great way for a teen to locate a real youth recovery facility which offers a legitimate shot at recovery. The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (941) 421-7226 at all hours of the day or night so a teenager or their parents are urged to call and speak with someone who can offer assistance and guidance.

Teens who start using drugs and alcohol have a tendency to neglect the important things in life like their friends, their family or their schoolwork. In order to stop the cycle of use and abuse, it can be very beneficial for a young person to find a youth recovery facility with dedicated staff and experience helping adolescents from all walks of life as they travel the path to sobriety. Call the troubled teen helpline today and find out more information about recovery and even find the youth recovery facility which offers the best chance at sobriety.

About the drug rehab helpline:

Teenagers in Memphis, FL who find that they have developed a significant addiction to drugs or alcohol should contact the troubled teen helpline at (941) 421-7226 as soon as they get a chance. Quitting now is easier than quitting later so take the first steps towards sobriety today. Visit the website at for more information.

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