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RIDEBRO Introduces Sustainable Beach Sandals Project

RIDEBRO Introduces Sustainable Beach Sandals Project

by Matthew PaulsonJune 10, 2014

RIDEBRO Introduces Sustainable Beach Sandals ProjectPremium footwear incorporates leather and recycled materials

B”Our latest footwear line, the DUDE sandals, promote comfort and durability in a sustainable, wearable product,” says Estefania Alamo, RIDEBRO’s project director. “By repurposing automobile tires, we’re able to increase the quality of our product and promote ecologically sound production practices at the same time.”oca Raton, FL (June 11, 2014) – RIDEBRO plans to release an initial production run of the company’s hand-made, sustainable men’s DUDE sandals in August.  The premium men’s beach sandals combine a comfortable leather upper and durable soles made from recycled tires. The company’s 2014 Men’s Summer Collection features three different styles in US sizes from 8-13, and UK sizes from 7-12, as well as certain half-sizes.

In addition to incorporating recycled products, the RIDEBRO DUDE line also supports the Peruvian craftsmen who create the product. Alamo also says that the company has verified that the production facility complies with all local employment laws and the company’s environmental policies.

“We plan to initiate the first production run in August, provided that we secure the necessary startup funding by mid-July,” says Alamo.” Interested investors can see the entire RIDEBRO project, and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign by visiting the campaign’s website at

Investors can pledge any amount to the campaign, but those who pledge at least $55 can select a pair of RIDEBRO DUDE sandals from the first production run of 100 pairs. At the $500 level, investors will receive a fully customized pair of DUDE sandals, and investors of $3,000 will receive a limited edition RIDEBRO paddleboard and the complete line of RIDEBRO DUDE sandals.


RIDEBRO, located in Boca Raton, FL, is dedicated to supporting a return to the simple life. Our attractive footwear designs meet the challenges of today while employing eco-friendly, simple and sustainable design and production practices. For more information about RIDEBRO and our project, or to invest, please visit


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