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New Helpline in South Brooksville, FL Offers Hope for Troubled Teens

New Helpline in South Brooksville, FL Offers Hope for Troubled Teens

by Matthew PaulsonJune 27, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 — Teens who battle with a drug or alcohol substance abuse may feel like they have nowhere to turn for help.   Many young adults find themselves trapped in that rebellious phase where they do the opposite anyone tells them. A new helpline established in South Brooksville, FL is providing a valuable resource for troubled teen in Hernando County who are seeking professional youth rehab to beat their addiction.  

The new helpline provides teens and their parents with the necessary information to find assistance locating a teenager treatment facility that has the programs needed to succeed. Troubled teens can contact the helpline at (352) 877-2076 anytime day or night to speak with a representative who can help them find the right teen treatment center for their situation.  Recovery may not seem possible at the moment. However, with help from certified substance abuse specialists, recovery is always possible.

Living drug and alcohol free is an important part of being a productive member of society. Contact the troubled teen helpline today and find the teen recovery center that can help a child take their first steps towards sobriety.

About the troubled teen helpline:

Teenagers in South Brooksville, FL are faced with the decision to use drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Those who live in the constant real-life nightmare of teen addiction should contact the troubled teen helpline at (352) 877-2076 immediately to find a professional youth rehab center. Check out their website at to learn more.

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