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Millionaires Are Dating Beautiful Models with Upscale Dating Agency!

Millionaires Are Dating Beautiful Models with Upscale Dating Agency!

by Greatnews PRJune 24, 2014

Affluent men from all over the nation are successfully dating beautiful female models through the most elite millionaire matchmaking service in the country, Model Quality Introductions.

Nationwide, June 2014

Luxury car service, elegant candlelight dinners in the most exquisite restaurants and access to the nearly anything at the drop of a hat—most would assume that dating for a millionaire is simple, but dating can truly be a challenge for those who are wealthy and successful. So, why are the most successful members of society turning to matchmaking and dating agencies? The word is out; Millionaire bachelors are meeting and dating gorgeous models through Model Quality Introductions.

The affluent bachelors who turn to Model Quality Introductions are looking to date models who are youthful and intelligent. The professional matchmakers at MQI are exceptional in the field of connecting elite bachelors to some of the most attractive women in the nation. This is their expertise and how they’ve become the most sought after millionaire matchmaking service in the nation.
MQI strives to match beautiful models to wealthy men who seek serious relationships. “The upscale people we work with have high expectations and I’m here to provide them with everything they’re looking for, and more!” states the president of MQI, Craig Donaldson.

The bachelors who utilize MQI have no problem meeting women on their own. These attractive and wealthy individuals are highly successful in their careers and in life and they want someone who is not just after their money. They want someone intelligent, someone young and beautiful—they have high expectations which are met by the professional staff at Model Quality Introductions.
Confidentiality and privacy is one of the major concerns for millionaire bachelors. They feel safe and secure when turning to Craig Donaldson and his elite matchmaking team at Model Quality Introductions. With fifteen convenient locations across the nation, successful bachelors looking to date youthful beautiful women can fly in and meet the matchmakers who can make their dreams come true.

About Model Quality Introductions:

Model Quality Introductions is a male owned executive dating agency for all discriminating men. With 20 years of upscale matchmaking expertise and 15 offices across the nation, MQI is the ultimate search engine for the discriminating man. Nobody gets women like they do!

If you want to join the largest and most successful executive dating agency, Model Quality Introductions, they can help you fall in love soon. You won’t believe what MQI has in store for you! Call now for more details.

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