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Locksmith offering flat rate service fee of $29.95 for locked cars

Locksmith offering flat rate service fee of $29.95 for locked cars

by WireService.coJune 23, 2014

Louisville, Ky., – A locksmith is someone that many people do not consider until they are in a pinch. Locked out of a house, or more frequently, out of a car, is the only time that many people will have need of a locksmith.

A professional service, locksmiths do more than unlock cars and homes. They also do services such as door closures, deadbolt installation, commercial lock services and much more. Many are called to unlock a particularly stubborn safe or time lock.

MrQuickPick of Louisville, Ky., is a full service locksmith that includes many of the surrounding counties. He has recently dropped the price on one of his most valuable services, unlocking cars.

Now, those who find themselves locked out of their cars in most of the major shopping outlets in greater Louisville such as the grocery stores and malls will pay less for unlocking services.

“There are too many stories of people locked out of their cars who call a locksmith for unlocking services. Once on scene, the unscrupulous locksmiths demand payment upfront, often at a considerably higher cost than quoted,” said Taylor.

Those who are caught have no choice but to pay the exorbitant fees or suffer to wait another locksmith, one who may do the exact same “bait and switch” tactic.

This tactic of changing fees has been the subject of many investigative news and television programs. It has painted the locksmith industry in a very negative light, and it is something Taylor and his locksmith service is trying to reverse.

This flat rate service was implemented because of other businesses who can offer services at a set price.

“Pizza restaurants can deliver a consistent, reasonably priced product with low cost. There is no reason why a locksmith cannot do the same,” said Taylor.

Many large metropolitan cities are charging $40.00 to $60.00 for unlocking services. MrQuickPick’s fee was orginally $39.00, but a change was recently initiated.

MrQuickPick’s unlocking service is only $29.95. All major credit cards are accepted.

We cover Kroger grocery stores, Speedway, Thornton’s and Pilot gas stations, local hotels and shopping malls like Oxmoor Mall, St. Matthews Mall, Jefferson Mall, The Paddock and the newly opened Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass in Shelby county,said Taylor.

Besides the unlocking service, MrQuickPick is a full service locksmith. They offer both commercial and residential services plus the added benefit of roadside assistance in addition to the emergency unlocking.

QuickPick is a franchise locksmith service. Since 2006, QuickPick has been helping stranded motorists and homeowners with 24/7 service. All at a fair price with no shady deals.

Taylor has owned the local Louisville, Ky., franchise since 2006. He holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a three time consecutive winner of AAA’s prestigious Member’s Choice Award.

Additional information about MrQuickPick, franchise services or the flat rate unlocking fee is available at the website. Go here for details.


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