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Illuminex Lighting Launches New Improved Website

Illuminex Lighting Launches New Improved Website

by Matthew PaulsonJune 10, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/10/14 — DENVER, CO.  – Illuminex Lighting has launched the new and improved a world class website devoted to the promotion of our vision towards a brighter, greener future and making the world a brighter place using the newest technologies and installation on commercial, industrial, medical, street lighting, schools, parking garages, offices, hospitality, manufacturing, resorts and for almost any application and why your most important choice in lighting today should involve us. considers lighting just one component of what the company represents and works diligently combining economic and environmental considerations including sustainability with a look towards the future.

The website debut coincides with Illuminex Lighting’s OEM and Private Label products being launched.

The staff at know today’s highly specialized and involved lighting business and can provide comprehensive on site review and turnkey analysis of your existing lighting or work in concert with your design and build team to make proper recommendations and select options for energy and cost sensitive solutions providing products on time and on budget. is easy to navigate and includes Illuminex case studies about Illuminex clients who took advantage of the expertise provided by Illuminex and saved thousands of dollars by switching to IIluminex Products.

Case Studies

Maui Nix, an established surf shop and clothing store chain had experimented with LED retrofit lighting and then decided to work with Illuminex Florida lighting Representatives on their very specific store lighting needs. The results were astounding; the shop realized an annual savings of $61,290.49.

The University of Denver reduced energy consumption by 42% after Illuminex Lighting provided a high efficiency lighting solution for an existing parking garage by changing from 32w T8 linear four foot tubes in surface mounted strip fixtures to LED 16.7w EPS linear tube replacements.

Illuminex Lighting has everything available to make your project a financial and environmental success.

Financing is available based on your needs, background and abilities with options from a neighborhood small business to securing very large project funding including municipalities with non-appropriation clauses.

About Illuminex Lighting

The company was formed in 2011 from a close network of individuals that includes a past Division President for GE. Illuminex Lighting professionals have backgrounds in Engineering, Business, Sales Development and IT with an accomplished combined career resume of Fortune 500 Corporate and Governmental work experience.

We have confidence in the products that we provide and in our company. If there are ever any concerns raised on any issue of quality, health and safety, or our suppliers as it exists or impacts our clients and our business, we will examine all the evidence and respond accordingly.

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