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Green Button Certification Initiated

Green Button Certification Initiated

by Matthew PaulsonJune 23, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES — RALIEGH, NC, 06/20/14 — Today, the Green Button Test and Certification program has been announced through a public-private partnership of UCA International Users Group (UCAIug), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Department of Energy (DOE). 

These efforts will ensure interoperability of the broad range of Green Button deployments across the nation.

UCAIug will certify Green Button in two categories:

The first category represents service providers such as utilities (public, municipal and co-operatives) and energy efficiency organizations who provide data to energy consumers; the second category includes product vendors who provide Green Button software solutions to service providers.

Service providers require certification even if they use a vendor’s product offering that has been separately certified. UCAIug has completed a trial run for the Green Button Download My Data certification.

Two implementations of the UCAIug Green Button Test and Certification process for Download My Data have been completed and one is pending:

Seattle City Light is the first Electric Utility to receive certification The Schneider-Electric Energy Profiler Online (EPO) product is the first commercial software product to receive certification Wake Electric is working with UCAIug to certify their Green Button program. 

“UCAIug is delighted with Seattle City Light’s and Schneider-Electric’s participation in this pioneering effort and congratulate them on their well-deserved success!” says Kay Clinard, President – UCAIug

The design of Green Button Connect My Data Certification is currently underway with target Certification of Green Button machine-to-machine Connect My Data to occur in late 2014.

Green Button Certification is an essential underpinning of the national Green Button for America initiative. In the certification’s absence, non-interoperable implementations will result in frustration and additional costs for exchanging data, making data use difficult.

Additionally a reliable certification mark will allow a robust ecosystem of data providers and users to grow, which will help consumers, optimize the efficiency of their energy usage and better manage their energy cost.

The UCAIug encourages all organizations actively implementing Connect My Data to participate in the weekly UCAIug OpenADE sessions focused on the definition of the Connect My Data interoperability certification test procedures.

UCA International Users Group is a not-for-profit corporation focused on assisting users and vendors in the deployment of standards for real-time applications for several industries with related requirements. The UCAIug as well as its member groups (CIMug, Open Smart Grid, IEC61850, Standards Testing and Green Button) draws its membership from utility and supplier companies. 

The mission of the UCA International Users Group is to enable integration through the deployment of open standards by providing a forum in which the various stakeholders in the energy and utility industry can work cooperatively as members of a common organization.

For more information about UCAIug visit; for more information about the Green Button Initiative, visit

Kay Clinard President –

UCAIug, Inc.


Raleigh, NC

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