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Flip PDF for Mac: A Ultimate Solution for Converting PDF to Flipbook on Mac OS

Flip PDF for Mac: A Ultimate Solution for Converting PDF to Flipbook on Mac OS

by Elsa D. ArnoldJune 18, 2014, a leading software company, has rolled out a Mac version of its flagship product. It is Flip PDF for Mac, a PDF to flipbook for Mac software. The technology is for those people who love to read and seek after the latest technology. It provides a wonderful page flip ebook experience. The software satisfies the passion of the book readers and the technology lovers.

With the new technology, people can convert PDF to flipbook on Mac OS and read the book on almost all devices. The users can easily make efficient, enticing brochures or magazines with real time page flip experience. One can also choose from various different kinds of templates and themes, which make excellent digital publications.

What makes the pdf to flipbook software for Mac outstanding is its unique flip experience and ability to convert PDF files into a wonderful flip ebook. Flip ebook created by the software is also mobile friendly and can be shared online and offline.

The tool creates lifelike flip pages from static PDF files on Mac OS 10.5 or higher versions. It is also a proven great social friendly catalog maker for Mac users that create flash catalogs for their products.

Jason Chen, CEO of the company said, “Mac version of the pdf to flipbook software is a wonderful offering for those who want a unique experience. This is dual benefit not only to literature lovers, but for those who want to explore another facet of technology.”

A tech savvy MNC marketing employee said, “One of my friends works in the marketing team at a high post in an MNC and uses MAC products. He showed me his company’s brochures, which he intended to make it into a flip like pdf using the page flip software and he suggested that I do the same for my organization. My boss was very happy with the idea and gave it a thumb up. The product actually turned out worth the investment for us.”


The pdf to flipbook software for Mac users is a wonderful offering for those who want class-apart software experience. It works for those Mac users to create fresh content for their websites and blogs. For more information, please visit

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