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Flip PDF by Flipbuilder – Broaden Appeal to Static PDF Files

Flip PDF by Flipbuilder – Broaden Appeal to Static PDF Files

by Sharry HouJune 30, 2014

FlipBuilder announced the release of Flip PDF version 4.0.2 beta While hundreds of software are distributed daily, FlipBuilder believes that this particular software will go down in history as the most creative one ever, with its swift and simple way to convert PDF files into spectacular flash and HTML5 publications with a page turning feature.

FlipBuilder introduces a new way to present; it transforms conventional, boring PDF presentations into remarkable page flip animations and animated Android flip ebooks that are compatible with all devices (iPad, iPhone, IPod and Android). Users can create page flip brochures, flip catalogues, e-books, magazines and much more interactive presentations using Flip PDF. Flip PDF goes beyond text, and allows adding plugins with videos, animations and audio into flipbook, it can organize many kinds of media into a single multimedia e-book.

Flip PDF has altered the way online magazines can be shared, it is speedy and simple to use with an ample amount of features to help. Users can work online as well as offline, to create an attractive and practical looking digital version in a matter of minutes. The share feature allows users to share their digital publications on social media and emails. It can also integrate Google stats and dashboards into reports. It provides users with a simple three-step process to convert, just a click away with built-in flipbook templates for several uses.

With an impressive interface and flexible options to allow easy online upload, Flip Builder allows creating beautiful flip e-books. With the stunning page flip files created by File PDF, their customers love the converted presentations that come with interactive features and a searchable archive. Flip PDF is a diverse and powerful tool, makes extremely easy for the users to customize and design stunning e-books; define size, add multimedia content, change titles, change backgrounds, customize toolbars, set a password etc. The readers can enjoy these amazing digital magazines on a variety of devices; Tablet, android, iPad, Kindle.

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is a professional and innovative multimedia publishing platform, focusing on simple yet powerful ways to convert PDF files into brilliant online flipbooks, with a mission to split file formats and transform existing PDF files into formats people are looking for. It takes prints to the next level, converting them into appealing rich media experiences. Its flip PDF series ranks the top 3 online magazine makers.

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