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Famous Atheist Quotes Website

Famous Atheist Quotes Website

by Press Release PublisherJune 20, 2014 was created to keep the atheist community up to date with quotes, videos, books, and comments on the latest activities going on in the atheist community.

Being an atheist is a personal decision and there is nothing offensive about it. Each and every person has his or her views about being religious or non-religious. Nowadays, many atheists have decided to come out in the open and voice their opinions. The website is a platform created by an atheist for atheists. It offers great quotes, videos and thoughts from famous atheists all across the world who come from various fields. Some of them are celebrities who have achieved great success as actors, actresses, comedians and many more.

The site offers quotes from famous people such as Jodie Foster, Sam Harris, Katharine Hepburn, Billy Joel, Richard Dawkins and many others. Some of these celebrities were a topic of controversy for quoting their opinions about not believing in god or gods. The site also offers various videos of Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss, Michael Shermer and other atheists. There are very interesting debate videos such as Christopher Hitchens on Miracles, debates on Theism or Atheism, Christopher Hitchens defending Stephen Fry and many more. These debate videos provide a lot valuable information for not just atheists but people of all beliefs and disbeliefs.

Information on can help atheists confidently answer questions and defend their choice of being an atheist.


You can contact on the contact us form on their website or through their twitter account located at Famous Atheists. is a website created for atheists by an atheist. It is not an “anti-religious” website or created just to offend religious people. The site offers quotes, videos, thoughts and much more from famous atheists across the world.

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