EnviroValve Inc. Has Discovered a Solution to Industry-wide Issue of Fatigue Failure Caused By Repetitive Loading of Pressure Relief Devices

It has just been announced that the engineer team at EnviroValve Inc. has determined that fatigue failure which is caused by repetitive loading can be eliminated with their Accu-Shear Pin.
A recent announcement by EnviroValve Inc. has shown that their experienced engineer team has discovered how to minimize, maybe even eliminate, the issue of fatigue failure from repetitive loading by incorporating their Accu-Shear Pin Device. Many in the industry have struggled with the issues caused by fatigue on their pressure relief devices. The engineers from EnviroValve, Inc. have determined that the company’s own Accu-Shear Pin was the solution that was needed so that the effects of the fatigue could be avoided by stopping them with a pre-load.

Just like bolts are pre-loaded to extend fatigue life dramatically, EnviroValve’s shear pin is pre-loaded as well. Other purposes are served by pre-loading such as maintaining the required seal and retaining the pin while ensuring simple and quick pin replacements. The engineers discovered that by adding a preload to their device they essentially insulated the pin from the typical cyclic loading the device will experience during normal operation.

EnviroValve, Inc. is excited to make this announcement with a process that will be a revolutionary step in the industry and make great progress going forward.

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