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Drug Rehab Islamorada Brings Hope to Teens Seeking Youth Rehab

Drug Rehab Islamorada Brings Hope to Teens Seeking Youth Rehab

by Matthew PaulsonJune 7, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/02/14 –Admitting to a substance abuse issue is the first step toward recovery. The next step is to find proper help to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, many young adults in the Florida Keys struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction are completely unaware of where to find professional youth rehab.  A new helpline is providing assistance to local teen who are seeking to overcome their substance abuse issues.

Drug Rehab Islamorada can be reached by calling (786) 838-0848. Teens and their parents can speak directly with a certified addiction professional who can address any of their questions or concerns pertaining to youth rehab and the recovery process. Operators are available 24/7 and can also take calls from anyone with addiction issues regardless of age.  Parents are encouraged to use the helpline to learn more about which adolescent treatment facilities provide the best and most effective recovery to fit their child’s needs.   

Teenagers seeking help for their addiction issues can find out more about how a teen treatment center can help them achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle. Drug Rehab Islamorada also has a corresponding website,  , which contains more comprehensive information about available treatment programs, such as dual diagnosis, detox, educational opportunities, teen depression treatment, teen alcohol help and therapy groups. Adolescents and their parents in Islamorada, FL are encouraged to call the helpline right away to begin learning about their options for addiction recovery.

About Drug Rehab Islamorada:

Teen substance abuse has been a major issue in Islamorada, FL for many years.  To make a difference in the community, young adults with drug or alcohol problems are encouraged to call Drug Rehab Islamorada to find the best youth rehab center to address their substance abuse issues. Call today at (786) 838-0848 or visit them online at  for more information.

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