Behavioral Health Group Announces Opening 37th Addiction Treatment Center Second New Treatment Center in Missouri

LIGHTNING RELEASES–DALLAS, June 18, 2014 – Behavioral Health Group (BHG) today announced the opening of the BHG West Plains, Missouri Treatment Center at 1639 Bruce Smith Parkway, West Plains, MO 65775.

“This is BHG’s sixth location in Missouri and the second new treatment center opened in Missouri in 2014,” said Jay Higham, Chief Executive Officer of BHG.  This development is one of four new treatment centers the Company has planned for Missouri and demonstrates our commitment to expanding addiction treatment coverage into areas that are underserved.”

Dwight Mussleman, BHG Chief Development Officer, said, “We are continuously looking for locations that can help meet the needs of patients.  The BHG – West Plains Treatment Center will serve the patients of South-central Missouri.”

About Behavioral Health Group

Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services.  BHG utilizes pharmacotherapy (maintenance and detoxification) as well as counseling to treat both the biochemical and psychosocial aspects of addiction.  In doing so, BHG offers patients their best opportunity for a successful recovery.  With 37 outpatient treatment centers across the Midwest/South/Southeast, BHG provides a critical service to thousands of individuals and their communities throughout the country.  BHG treatment centers are accredited by The Joint Commission.  For more information, phone 214-365-6114 email or visit