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Become a Certified Professional Coach

Become a Certified Professional Coach

by Matthew PaulsonJune 9, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES —June 9, 2014 –Toronto, ON – The coaching profession is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Over the past five years, the overall awareness of this extraordinary occupation has drawn some of the most dedicated professionals to its ranks.

Coaches come from all walks of life with experiences and education that range from second career seekers to those who have obtained multiple PHD’s.

Merely hanging up a shingle and calling oneself a “Life Coach” without the proper training is akin to practicing medicine simply because you watched an entire season of “ER”. Education is the key that opens the door of knowledge.

Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching founded by Berry Fowler (founder and creator of Sylvan), and his incredible staff has trained and certified close to 6000 professional coaches worldwide.

“To be a great coach the main attribute a person needs is the sincere desire to help other people achieve their goals and objectives in order to live the life they truly desire and deserve,” Mr. Fowler stated. He went on to say, “Text book education while helpful isn’t a prerequisite for anyone to become successful as a coach. Some of our most successful graduates don’t have college degrees, but their life experiences have provided them with skills and knowledge that can be extremely beneficial as they learn and master a proven coaching system coupled with the tools and techniques we teach during our certification training courses. I strongly urge anyone who has a desire to help change the world, one client at a time, to attend one of our upcoming live certification classes.”

Certified Master Trainer and Best-Selling Author, W. Granville Brown will be instructing FIA’s Live 2 Day In-Person Certification Classes at the SW (Sandman) Hotel Toronto Airport.

Classes are scheduled for July 12-13, 2014 and August 2-3, 2014

Contact for details and registration

W. Granville Brown


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