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Balanced Body® Reformer 1 and Movement Principles Teacher Training in Lone Tree, CO

Balanced Body® Reformer 1 and Movement Principles Teacher Training in Lone Tree, CO

by Matthew PaulsonJune 6, 2014

Balanced Body® Reformer 1 and Movement Principles Teacher Training At

Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy Lone Tree, Colorado

Colorado’s Only Balanced Body® Training Site

LIGHTNING RELEASES: LONE TREE CO (June2, 2014) Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy will host Balanced Body® Pilates Teacher Training at their studio (8600 Park Meadows Dr. Suite 200 in Lone Tree) Friday through Sunday, June 27-29.

This marks the fourth year of teacher training for Pilates instructors in collaboration with Balanced Body® (the nation’s premier Pilates equipment engineering and Pilates education business) and Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy, Denver’s leading integrated movement studio and Colorado’s only Balanced Body® Pilates and CoreAlign® training host site. 

Not all Pilates teacher training programs are the same. “Balanced Body® Education provides Pilates teacher training that is grounded in research-based movement, and they’re a recognized leader in Pilates education,” says Lindy Royer PT, PMA-CPT and founder of Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy.

Balanced Body® training gives our students a thorough understanding of the traditional exercises, as well as providing modifications and contemporary variations based on the latest advancements in movement science. It is my honor to serve as a Balanced Body® Education faculty member,” Royer says.

Program flexibility is an essential part of this instructor program. “A big advantage of Balanced Body® Pilates teacher training is the modular structure of the program, which allows the student to digest the material in a way that suits their time, learning timeline, and budget. Balanced Body® is the superior choice for Pilates teacher training, no matter whether the goal is to teach an effective mat program, or to go all the way through full comprehensive training,” says Royer.  


Balanced Body® Reformer 1 and Movement Principles, Friday, June 27-Sunday, June 29

  • Hours: Friday 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Saturday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm Sunday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Class Fee: $495.00 (Early registration-by June 12th)/$545.00 (Regular registration) Materials Fee (Manual & DVD): $75.00 *In addition to the class fee, there may be additional fees including manuals, DVDs, taxes (e.g VAT) and other items.
  • Prerequisites: 1 year experience teaching movement, anatomy, 30 Pilates Reformer classes or personal training sessions
  • Location: Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy / 8600 Park Meadows Dr. #200 / (303)649-2165

About Reformer 1 and Movement Principles

Pilates Movement Principles introduces you to the biomechanical foundation of the Pilates method and to the essential components of functional core strength, lumbopelvic and scapular stability, as well as assessing and correcting alignment and improving flexibility. Prerequisites: Pilates exercises are included for teaching these key principles to your clients and classes. Reformer 1 includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer including set up and safety, plus beginning exercises, program sequencing and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course you will be able to teach beginning Reformer classes or personal training sessions.  Total hours for completion of Reformer program: 198 hours. Upon completion of all the requirements, a certificate of completion as a Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor will be issued. Application not required.   

About Balanced Body®

Balanced Body® has always believed that mindful movement like Pilates changes people’s lives. Their passion for positive change has resulted in their becoming the world’s largest provider of Pilates equipment and education.

Balanced Body® was the first Pilates company to substantially update Joseph Pilates’ equipment by combining state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology with a modern understanding of human biomechanics. Founder and CEO, Ken Endelman, designed hundreds of improvements to Pilates’ original equipment, many of which have since become industry standards. Balanced Body® has been awarded 28 U.S. patents, and numerous foreign patents for his inventions, with more patents pending.  

More information about Balanced Body® Education.

About Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy

Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy, Denver’s premier Pilates studio, helps people discover their ideal body-mind alignment to resolve pain, and live with energy and vitality, so they can keep moving and stay involved in the activities they’re passionate about.

This unhurried approach integrates research-based science with whole-body movement, leveraging the disciplines of Physical Therapy, Pilates, fitness, rehabilitation, biomechanics and energy medicine to help patients be more vital and productive.  Physical therapy, private movement sessions and small class options provide patients with a deeper understanding of their unique body mechanics. 

More information about Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy. / Press Contact: Tracy Greenhalgh 303.204.1954 

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