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Amy Schuermann Interiors Chosen for Stored Value Marketing Headquarters Design in Arlington Heights, IL

Amy Schuermann Interiors Chosen for Stored Value Marketing Headquarters Design in Arlington Heights, IL

by Matthew PaulsonJune 17, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Cincinnati, Ohio, June 17, 2014 – Amy Schuermann Interiors was selected above several other Chicago firms to design the interior selections for Stored Value Marketing’s (SVM) future headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois. SVM is the largest distributor of gas and gift cards in the world and boasts an efficient staff of 60 headed up by founder and CEO Marshall Reavis.

The new headquarters will be developed from an existing 35,000 square foot building, and will boast up to 20 foot ceilings with an open floor plan, exposed ductwork, old crane rail and skylights – not to mention glass walls for easy viewing and access to all spaces.  It will be much larger and lighter than SVM’s current space.  Construction is expected to begin this summer and will be completed by February of 2015.

Amy Schuermann Interiors was chosen to procure and present all of the interior selections such as flooring, paint colors, lighting, cabinetry, tile, wall coverings, solid surfaces and countertops.  With an industrial, contemporary feel, the space will be stylish yet timeless and overall neutral in look and feel.  Furniture selections will occur within the next 3 months and will be in keeping with the direction of the space.

About Amy Schuermann Interiors

The residential and commercial interior design firm, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is comprised of some of the top talents in the interior design world led by founder and lead designer, Amy Youngblood Schuermann. “We continuously strive for excellence while listening to our clients’ tastes and needs. From single room makeovers to new home construction and commercial developments, we work closely with our clients as each project is our utmost priority.” For more information, please visit

As head of a firm that has experienced a 500% growth rate a little more than a year after she struck out on her own in 2009, Amy’s goal is not only to provide the best aesthetic look for her clients, but a beautiful solution revolving around their style and the way they live and work. 

Amy Youngblood Schuermann expects her firm to take on at least two more designers this year, and she seeks to diversify the projects that it takes on. “Eventually,” she says, “we’ll organize the busi­ness into two specialties: high-end residential and commercial. I also see us venturing into fabric and furniture design.”

About Stored Value Marketing

Marshall Reavis founded Stored Value Marketing in 1997 after being involved in the development of the oil industry’s first prepaid gasoline card in 1994. Under his leadership, SVM has grown over seventy five-fold and transformed itself from a resale distributor of gift cards to an organization that offers products and solutions for all prepaid card scenarios, including a truly unique card issuance model. He actively manages Stored Value Marketing and focuses on providing guidance regarding the company’s present and future direction. Marshall was a Management Fellow at DePauw University (BA, Economics) where he currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees.


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