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A Troubled Teen Helpline Provides Hope to Recovering Addicts in Raleigh, FL

A Troubled Teen Helpline Provides Hope to Recovering Addicts in Raleigh, FL

by Matthew PaulsonJune 26, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 06/19/14 — Teens in Florida who struggle with a dangerous drug and alcohol substance abuse are often hesitant on who they can trust or where they can turn for addiction recovery help. Fortunately, there is now a troubled teen helpline designed to offer sound advice and guidance for those who need help locating an adolescent treatment facility.  

The troubled teen helpline is available 24/7 by calling (352) 240-3260. Operators are standing by to provide the valuable information on the latest treatment options available at teen treatment centers. Asking for help is often the most difficult part of reaching sobriety.  But thanks to the helpline, teens and their parents can locate an adolescent treatment facility which has the programs they need to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Certified substance abuse professionals at teen recovery centers provide the latest methods of drug and alcohol detox, dual diagnosis and mandatory educational programs.  A teen treatment center is the best place for any young adult to find help before their drug and alcohol dependency spirals out of control. Going to a teen recovery facility is not a punishment. It’s actually an opportunity for self-improvement.  Call the troubled teen helpline today for more information.

About the troubled teen helpline:

Teens in Raleigh, FL now have a forum where they can discuss and learn where to get treatment for their addiction problems.  The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (352) 240-3260 any time during the day or night for guidance and advice about recovering from a drug or alcohol dependency. Call today or visit their website today at for more information.

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