We are Novarum Futuris, and our “I Wish NF” Campaign is to make your wishes come true!

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Palo Alto, CA (5/19/2014) – Our core mission at Novarum Futuris is to develop and bring our products to the world that will provide tremendous savings to every type of consumer. With those savings we envision a world where individuals will be able to enjoy the more important things in life!

This one of our first campaigns. There will be many more to come across the US over the next several months.

Have someone special in mind that you want to make a wish come true for. Email iwishnf@novarumfuturis.com.

Please join us at one of our first forums in San Francisco to learn how we are going to make this all possible. Visit http://www.novarumfuturis.com to reserve your seats.

Click below to see our first campaign!