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by Matthew PaulsonMay 23, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES (5/23/2014) – Sleepover Rover, the company that founded the in-home dog boarding experience, released its findings after studying dog parks across the southwest. With dog parks booming in popularity, pet parents often wonder whether taking their dog to run around with other dogs is a good idea and what sort of dogs they’ll encounter. To ease pet parent’s minds and provide insight on “dog park types” the company identified the following “dog personality” groups. Nearly 92% of dogs at the park fit into one of the personalities!


  1. THE OVER-ACHIEVER – retrieves, sits and stays better, faster than every other dog
  2. THE CRUISE DIRECTOR- wiggles while he walks mingling from group to group to be sure everyone is getting along and having fun  
  3. THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY- flits from pal to pal, group to group, and usually a tail banger
  4. THE HOT MESS – rolls in bird poop, dirt, puddles, mud, and other savory spots
  5. THE SHY FLOWER- stays close to mom or dad; cringes when a dog approaches, thinks she’s human and is aghast at the furry creatures she sees
  6. RAMBO – challenges the biggest dog in the park, wears a spiked collar, the first to succumb to the Mighty Might.
  7. THE ARTFUL DODGER – steals toys and sneaks them away from the owner, often found leaving with multiple toys in his mouth
  8. THE WHIRLING DERVISH – races frantically around dog park at 90 miles per hour with no destination in mind
  9. THE MIGHTY MITE- the teeny tiny dog with confidence to spare, that likes to boss around the biggest dogs
  10. THE BFF’s – the two dogs that play only with each other and ignores all others

About Sleepover Rover, Inc.

The company is the brainchild of Tina Myers and Maggie Brown, two over-50 women passionate about dogs. Phoenix-based and winner of the 2007 Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Athena Power link Award, Sleepover Rover currently offers in-home dog boarding in sixteen major markets in the southwest with rapid national expansion in play for 2014.

Contact: Tina Myers at 520–301-5156 or Maggie Brown 602-620-0971 or

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