Surrey First ,Linda Hepner Answerable On Crime. City Hall, Ward System : Vikram Bajwa

LIGHTNING RELEASES 05/03/14 — Surrey BC. Cindy Marsh. Surrey First Councilor Linda Hepner, who is Co-Chair of the Police Committee, Finance, Homelessness and Chaired the past two regional Economic Summits, including Audit and Parks is the heir apparent as Surrey First Mayoral candidate in November 2014. Coun. Barinder Rasode, while resigning from Surrey First had challenged Mayor Watts and the Team for a systematic failure of process at City Hall, on Public Safety and fighting crime, spending at City Hall, community consultations, restricted access to public information, including biased Freedom of Information requests.

She also leveled serious charges on the Finance and Audit, with major decisions, such as contracting out City Hall services, being made behind closed doors and without any council or public consultations. City of Surrey, standard protocol around spending $ 97 Million dollars, on the new City Hall, as well as taxpayer-funded travel to Israel, totally ignored by Mayor Dianne Watts.

 Coun. Barinder Rasode, resigned but her charges have no value, until the Surrey First is challenged in B.C. Supreme Court, in violation of its By-Laws and a complete investigation is ordered by the New Mayor, said Toronto Lawyer  Prof.John Kinkaid. She must prove the charges in court or would loose the battle in November, as claimed by Mayor Dianne Watts of misleading the public.

 CBC investigated the Surrey Economic Summit taxpayers expenses, when Former President George Bush was a guest speaker in Surrey, proving Mayor Watts, concealing information about the role and expenses incurred on security of the former President. The organizer of that summit, Norman Stowe had advised Mayor Watts and Surrey First to steadfastly oppose the introduction of “Ward System”, ensuring well heeled campaign contributors retain a disproportionate influence over the civic government in Surrey. Another political and racial aspect of this opposition is to divide the votes on racism, “Whites vs Browns”, where whites outnumber the browns in Surrey.

According to Prof. Steve Rutherford, introducing “Ward System”, in Surrey is like giving freedom to blacks and browns after the civil war in US, it empowers them to question the representative, which until now has been deprived in Surrey. Mayor Watts has launched an aggression on the minorities and Surrey First will pay the price , with its defeat in November Municipal elections.Brenda Locke, former Liberal Minister and a candidate for Council, has on her agenda the formation of a Vancouver Charter, where as Vikram Bajwa, former mayoral candidate, who has announced to challenge Surrey First, see the political game of Surrey First, ” we will hold
Surrey First heir apparent Linda Hepner or who so ever it may be, responsible for the rise in crime, demanding $ 50 Million dollars as compensation to victims and murders in Surrey, since 2011″.

Jagmohan Singh wishes to question Linda Hepner on the $ 97 Million dollar expenses incurred on the new City Hall, “As member of the Finance Comm, Linda Hepner should explain her role in all the contracts, undertook to build the most expensive City Hall in B.C.History”, said Singh.

 Linda Hepner who claims to be a resident of Surrey for the last 29 years, while 20 years working for the city, needs to answer the Surrey Tax payers, for spending their Tax Dollars, ” we have rolled up our sleeves for Linda come November”, said Susan Thomas