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Sales Scene helps you stop making social media gaffes!

Sales Scene helps you stop making social media gaffes!

by TaraThomasAgencyMay 29, 2014

Social media marketing agency Sales Scene have launched a new service to help those in the public eye stop making social media gaffes. A single tweet sent in haste or a Facebook update without thought could easily get you sacked, lose contracts and land you in a whole heap of trouble.

“Social superstars” is a service that educates you on the impact of your actions online. From understanding your self-brand and how to change your privacy settings, to examining the impact of your digital footprints, you’ll leave knowing what to say on social media to retain a positive brand image and ensure that you avoid disciplinary action, dismissal and prevent legal action.

Politicians, celebrities, local councillors, sports club managers and government employees and even PR company employees have all succumbed to irresponsible tweets and Facebook posts that have led to sackings and resignations. The social superstars service seeks to prevent these comments, and promote understanding of self-brand and the risks to companies and individuals as a result of their social media activities.

Managing director Caroline Thomas said “We’ve seen so many people retweet, comment and post on social media without thinking, leading to massive impact for the businesses and organisations that they represent, and people losing their jobs and livelihoods as they just didn’t think about what they were doing. With the elections coming up in less than a year, we expect to see far more headlines relating to behaviour on social media!”

Company name: Sales Scene Limited

Contact Person: Caroline Thomas


Phone: 01375 659209

Address: The Riverside Business Centre, Fort Road

City: Tilbury

County: Essex

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://

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