New App Guides Local Visitors

LIGHTNING RELEASES 05/02/14(Cambria, CA) AzureFire, a local marketing web development firm, launched today a new web-based application that provides a here-and-now guide for visitors to the picturesque seaside town of Cambria, California. works on smart phones, tablets and computers to provide an interactive guide to local attractions, venues, events and sights. It uses GPS-positioning to allow visitors to locate the closest services and is always time-based to alert them to opening and closing times. It also highlights other information gathered by local insiders as to what is cool and interesting in town. Merchants and organizations can also choose to be listed.

“When we moved our business from Las Vegas to Cambria in 2013, we helped the Cambria Scarecrow Festival use QR codes to add an extra dimension to their celebration,” says Helmut Kuhn, creator of Cambria4Insiders and president of AzureFire. “In doing so, we discovered how many visitors to the area were seeking information on their smart phones. We built Cambria4insiders to fill that need.”

“When I was introduced to Cambria4Insiders, I quickly decided to become one of its inaugural advertisers,” said local art studio owner, Patricia Griffin. “Increasingly, my customers are finding me online first.

Cambria4insiders goes live on May 2. Among its initial features are information and events, as well as beautiful photographic tours of town curiosities ranging from an eclectic collection of tree chairs to its beautiful gardens. Details and listings will continue to be added.

For more information, call Helmut Kuhn at 805-776-3111 or visit