Mohr Publicity: Getting “Real” in the Virtual World of Social Media

Los Angeles, CA- Today’s biggest music stars: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber have millions of followers on Twitter and millions of views on Youtube. Most of us think they are legitimate, real fans and traffic. The truth is, there is a very large misconception when it comes to followers, reviews and “likes” with celebrities and brands. In reality, these “products” are first promoted by an online PR company like Mohr Publicity that specializes in creating buzz and activity around a new post, song, video, or tweet. Regardless of the source, the impressive numbers are enough to make headlines and sell records. This is why companies like Mohr Publicity have become so popular in the PR and marketing business. Like an auctioneer hired to rev up an audience at a big sale, Mohr Publicity drives up the excitement around an artist or new product using:

SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Twitter Followers and ReTweets

Facebook Likes and Fans

YouTube Subscribers, Views, Comments and Likes

LinkedIn Referrals and Recommendations

Instagram Followers and Likes

Musicians and Music Promotions

Contests Votes

Book and Author Promotions

Movie and Film Promotions on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes

iTunes and Android Ratings and Reviews

Pinterest Followers and RePins

Press Releases and News Placement

StumbleUpon Followers/Friends

Tumblr. Marketing

Amazon Reviews

Ebay Page Views

Monthly SMO Service Subscriptions

VEVO and Vimeo Video Views

Yahoo! Answers

VKontakte Marketing

According to the company’s CEO Sandra Mohr, “We are living in a world where virtual success often leads to real success. We see that up-and-coming stars need to show they have plenty of followers and fans before they can get into the doors of big record companies or casting agencies. Our hope is that by wisely using their marketing budget to create buzz around their social media sites, the traffic and attention will encourage future organic growth and lead to big things in their career.”

Companies like Mohr Publicity use high tech promotions to literally “build” the next big thing, the next hit song, and the next hot celebrity. Mohr Publicity is one of the top rated and best PR firms in the world because they truly understand the fundamentals of social media marketing and can “jump start” a site so affordably it should be a part of any new promotion. They guarantee the proof is in the results.

“When Ellen Degeneres asked viewers to “ReTweet” her Academy Awards all-star selfie photo, the entire Twitter site went down within 30 seconds,” says the company’s CEO. “Now, that’s virtual power.”

The main way Mohr Publicity promotes traffic and attracts new visitors is by “rewarding” people for following, liking, commenting or sharing a company link. They compensate the fan in various ways for participating. The idea is that adding traffic to websites this way will help them rank better online and attract future “real” traffic. Similar to a restaurant that looks more appealing when there is a line of people going out the door (compared to an empty restaurant) they help the artists, products and websites look more appealing to search engines and visitors.

While the followers they send are usually very active, they are primarily there to improve the way a site or product appears to potential customers, fans or followers that stop by. The Mohr Publicity Twitter page gives a good sample of what to expect in terms of the level of quality of followers they deliver.

These days, most record companies, product launches, book promotions and other marketing campaigns include this type of service to get things moving. And, Mohr Publicity makes success easy at their online store where anyone can choose from 75 affordable SEO (Search Engine Optimized) services with a “click” and a credit card. They deliver great looking reports showing work, and have a friendly staff.

If interested in finding out more about Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram promotions, visit their site to see the list of services, delivery times and rates at


About Mohr Publicity:

Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997.


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