Messick Construction and Roofing – Press Release – April 2014 – Updated Website

When it comes to quality roofing, Tulsa residents call on Messick Construction and Roofing. They have a reputation for giving customers the best deals and their quality is unmatched. They recently updated their website and provided the testimonials from new and returning customers.

In areas like Tulsa, roofers like Messick Construction and Roofing are the ones more residents trust. This isn’t just a temporary company; they have been around for many years and are here to stay. The recent update to their site provides customers with easy navigation to look at the services they offer. The testimonials listed on prove they are the highest in customer satisfaction for long-term client relationships.

From installing metal roofing to repairing leaky shingles, Messick Construction and Roofing does it all. If it is on top of a structure, this is the company for roofing Tulsa residents depend on most. Quality products, quality service, quality workmanship is what this Tulsa roofer offers.
Visit their updated website at and take a look at their portfolio.

Messick Construction and Roofing
1320 East 58th Street
Tulsa OK 74105