Local Man Helps Families Access Free Money For College

Dan Evertsz of College Money Pros announces his program to help families make college more affordable.

Ask most parents and they will tell you that they waited until the last minute before applying for financial assistance for college. They kicked themselves for not being more proactive and not getting enough or any money for college at all. Dan Evertsz believes it’s still not too late. He offers practical methods that are easy to grasp and can be used immediately.

His talent is being able to take a complex situation, crystallize the problem and offer a clear solution.

“One example is to appeal to school or organization that turned you down,” beams Evertsz. Evertsz teaches a program that helps parents and students navigate this difficult process. His company College Money Pro delivers an engaging and information packed program that empowers parents with the knowledge they need to help fund and secure their child’s college graduation. This program is full of practical advice, future changing strategies and real life successes that will allow parents to create a clear path to funding college in a way that will be comfortable for your family.

For more information visit www.collegemoneypros.com