– Sunriser Coffee Bar Open in the Roasterie 8:30-10:30 am, Monday-Friday –

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Ketchum, ID., (5/12/2014) – Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee, one of the nation’s fastest growing artisanal coffee roasters, today announced the opening of its Sunriser Coffee Bar.  Customers can now enjoy hand crafted coffee beverages in the heart of their Ketchum, Idaho roasterie, every weekday morning from 8:30-10:30 am.

As an online coffee retailer, Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee focuses on making the home brewing experience fantastic for its customers through the sale of its freshly roasted specialty coffees, as well as coffee brewing equipment.  Having hosted very popular weekly coffee tastings in the roasterie since opening in 2008, the company decided to change up its prepared-to-order coffee experience by opening up its coffee bar mornings, 5 days a week.

“Many of our customers and local coffee lovers have been asking us to open our doors more than once a week so that they can enjoy our hand-brewed coffees more often” said Liz Roquet, President and Founder of Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee.  “We really love what we do here at Lizzy’s, and personally sharing the quality coffee experience with our customers through to the final cup is a joy. When hand-crafting coffees in person for our customers, we’re able to highlight the coffees we roast with attention to the final experience, which is something we normally give over to the home-brewer or café when they purchase our roasted coffees to brew on their own. Now our local customers have the option to brew on their own, drop in to a local establishment serving Lizzy’s, or drop in to our coffee bar.  It’s a wonderful new option.”

Just like past tasting days, home brewers can still grab a new coffee brewing tip while enjoying a cup prepared for them, and coffee lovers preferring to get their coffee ready to drink will be able to enjoy the Lizzy’s roasterie experience on a regular basis. The bar experience is truly unique, as it sits just steps away from the coffee roasting operation, with the bright blue Diedrich roaster visible front and center.

Customers can choose from a coffee menu that includes espresso and espresso based beverages, including macchiato, cappuccino, latte, americano, and mocha, as well as drip coffees prepared using the Hario V60 pourover equipment.   Espresso service features their “Sunriser” blend, a medium-dark roast blend of coffees from four origins.  The pourover bar features one of their single origin Limited Edition coffees every day. Customers can enjoy their coffee, served in porcelain, right at the stand-up bar, or they can order their coffee to go.  A summertime friendly bench is right outside the front door for taking in the morning sunshine while enjoying a coffee with a friend.

The roasterie hours remain the same, with online ordering and pickup available 24/7, and in-store coffee and equipment shopping available weekdays.  Lizzy’s will host special event tastings throughout the year as announced, plus offer its increasingly popular coffee classes and training for the home coffee brewer.

About Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee

Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee was founded in 2008 to provide coffee lovers with a freshly roasted coffee experience. Top quality Specialty Grade coffees are attentively roasted to order, and Certified Organic & Fair Trade choices are included in the offerings. Lizzy’s provides fun, practical coffee knowledge for the home brewer, and includes its customers in their brand by featuring their snapshots on their signature coffee labels through its monthly label contest. Anyone can upload their own picture to design a totally custom coffee gift, always freshly roasted to order.