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Fiction Does More Than Entertain: A Fundraiser For Health Guidance, A Non-Profit Patient Advocacy Organization

Fiction Does More Than Entertain: A Fundraiser For Health Guidance, A Non-Profit Patient Advocacy Organization

by WireService.coMay 30, 2014



Raising support for a non-profit patient advocacy organization

Contact: Myra Johnston – Tel. 704-332-1805 –

Contact: Sara Long – Tel: 704-280-7189

Date: 05/30/2014


Raising support for a non-profit patient advocacy organization

Beginning June 1st, author Ciana Stone is hosting a Book sale fundraiser through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords to benefit Health Guidance, LLC, a non-profit patient advocacy organization.

The book, “Renegades” by Ciana Stone is available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and in multiple electronic formats on Smashwords.  Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Health Guidance. In August and October of 2014, new titles by authors Dawn Montgomery and Sahara Kelly will be released.  More information can be found here:!benefit/c1m21.

On Friday, June 6th, a FB event is being held, hosted by Syneca Featherstone.  The event location on FB is

Aauthors, including USA Today Bestseller, Dawn Montgomery, who is co-sponsoring the event, will be attending, giving away copies of their books to promote the event.

In additional, award winner cover artists, including Syneca, will be raffling off custom book covers to authors to raise money.

This event was conceived by Syneca Featherstone who writes as Ciana Stone, a native of North Carolina.  Joining her is USA Today Bestselling author Dawn Montgomery and author Sahara Kelly.  In 2007, Syneca’s mother, who lived with her at the time in Florida, was diagnosed with cancer. The two years that followed were as Syneca says, “the toughest of our lives – hers and my entire family. Our lives revolved around the fight, the surgery and treatment, the host of doctors and appointments. I am not ashamed to admit that those years took a lot out of me. I never realized how hard the battle would be. And in the end we lost.

“Last year, I love like a daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia and she found the most amazing support and guidance from an organization, Health Guidance. It was like a blessing from heaven.”

Dawn Montgomery speaks about why this cause is important to her:

“When I was a child, my younger brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Because it wasn’t cancer, many of the charity organizations wouldn’t help my mother while she stayed by his side.”

“He went through chemo and radiation like the other children. Lived on the cancer ward with the other kids. If it wasn’t for organizations like Health Guidance, I don’t know what my mom would have done. We had our brother for five wonderful years. Nine surgeries for a tumor that wouldn’t leave. During that time he lit up the hospital with his laughter and my mother could rest comfortably at his side while he received proper treatment and care.

“If those who touch our lives burn brightly, his light would be the sun itself. For five precious years we had him with us, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

“I remember another organization stepping in to help us when he asked to come home for the last time. They ensured he had everything he needed to be comfortable, equipment, supplies, nurses.

“When Syneca mentioned Health Guidance, it tugged at my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I knew I had to do something to help, and I am thrilled to be here with you all.”

A non-profit patient advocacy organization, Health Guidance cares for patients and their families, working tirelessly for people who are challenged by difficult diagnoses.

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Whether it is helping individuals find diagnostic tools, the care of exception physicians, the very best medical treatments, or simply being that hand to hold, Health Guidance is there. They strengthen patients and their families by supporting them every step of the way.

Their mottos says it all. “We believe in the dream of wellness.”

In Syneca’s words, “What a gift. I cannot imagine someone going through a difficult health crisis alone, and know how daunting and exhausting it can be for not only the patient but those who support and assist in the road to wellness.

“I wanted to do something to help support these wonderful people and assist in their efforts. Thus this benefit book sale campaign was born. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to support Health Guidance and their unflagging devotion to care.

If you’re reading this, then please consider picking up a copy of Renegades, or gifting a copy to a friend.  And in August, look for a book from Dawn Montgomery to release that goes toward supporting Health Guidance.

Believe with us in the dream of wellness.”

About Health Guidance, LLC

Health Guidance and Myra Johnston have been serving the Charlotte area for seven years. To learn more visit, or call us at 704-332-1805. For more information on the fund raiser visit!benefit/c1m21 or call 407-922-9977


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