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Dr. Mark Zukowski of the Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Returns to Close-Up Talk Radio

Dr. Mark Zukowski of the Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Returns to Close-Up Talk Radio

by Matthew PaulsonMay 29, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 05/28/14 Chicago, IL – Just 10 years ago, transgendered women seeking a more feminine appearance were routinely thrown out of plastic surgeons’ offices. Thankfully today, the emerging visibility of the transgender population has encouraged surgeons to take a more enlightened view of this community.

Unfortunately, change is slow; modern plastic surgeons are often limited by their experience working with genetic males and lack training in the latest surgical techniques. This delay has left many transgendered patients with less than desirous results.

Dr. Mark Zukowski is an internationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder of The Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, a center of international excellence specializing in feminization surgery for the face, breast and body. For men with the desire and need to be the woman they have always identified themselves as being, Dr. Zukowski offers patients the opportunity to be who they are and look their best.

“We’re on the vanguard of these procedures so we have to think outside of the box,” says Dr. Zukowski. “I’m working to deliver the best product I can that will allow these individuals to transition as comfortably as possible.”

Dr. Zukowski is the only surgeon in the world that offers minimal scar endoscopic approaches for both soft tissue and three-dimensional bone recontouring. With over two decades of experience working with non-genetic female anatomy, Dr. Zukowski understands how to best give you the face and body you’re looking for.

“Endoscopic techniques allow for a greater degree of artistic freedom,” explains Dr. Zukowski. “Traditional techniques are more cookie-cutter. For a few patients it may look good, but for other patients it looks strange because it doesn’t fit with the rest of their anatomy. With these endoscopic techniques, we have the ability to fit within the patient’s unique characteristics.”

Dr. Zukowski specializes primarily in facial feminization surgery, or FFS, a series of surgical procedures that alters male facial features to make them closer in shape and size to female facial features. According to Dr. Zukowski, the forehead is often the first thing that must be addressed to make a patient look more feminine, followed by the nose. Cheeks are also very important.

“All my patients want is to be given the opportunity to live their life as the person they are inside,” says Dr. Zukowski. “I’ve been able to transform people’s lives.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Dr. Mark Zukowski in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on June 2nd and June 9th and 8pm EST and with Jim Masters on June 16th and June 23rd at 8pm EST.

Listen to the show If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

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