Collagen Treatment Renews Skin With Younger Look Using Painless Nanokiss Skin Needling

Centurion, South Africa – New Nanokiss skin needling is rapidly becoming the method of choice for renewing older, injured, or unhealthy skin to look young again. South Africans and others have access to the technology in a wide range of health and beauty locations.

Feeling like a cat lick, the collagen induction method is virtually painless, yet delivers up to 400 percent more collagen even in older clients. “Within two weeks after your first micro skin needling treatment you will start to experience younger skin. And it will keep on improving for up to a year. A Nanokiss facial is far superior to just a facial,” said Rachel Lottering of

Nanokiss treats a host of skin problems including fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, c-section scars, burn scars, and skin pigmentation. The treatment aids the body’s natural recovery with a potent peptide rich after care skin renewal serum. This gives the body an extra boost for healing that delivers much greater and faster results. New skin cells replace old and damaged cells. “You look younger because your skin is younger,” Lottering said.

Nanokiss uses an electronic skin needle fitted with a safe, disposable micro or nano needle cartridge. This is used to promote natural new skin growth with a procedure known as collagen induction therapy.

Nanokiss and related supplies are available at designated Skin Renewal Centers throughout South Africa and Namibia. A list of locations is posted on the home page at The firm also offers Skin Needling Training Centers to teach practitioners proper, safe, and effective methods for using Nanokiss and related products.

“We’ve got a lot of wellness, beauty, nail salons, and others who are enthusiastically adding Nanokiss technology to the services they offer. Skin needling is exploding in popularity and we are happy to help area businesses get the proper training and equipment,” Lottering said.

Currently Microneedle is offering a Certified Cosmetic Micro Skin Needling Course for R4999.00. A full PCI Kit is included with Nanokiss and all the necessary equipment and supplies needed.

Parent company Nanoskin Technology offers a wide range of skin rejuvenation products ranging from face toner, to eye treatments, to active stem cell recovery.

Contact: Rachel Lottering

phone +27.741030482