Carolyn Fitzpatrick of The Horse Connection to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

LIGHTNING RELEASES 05/02/14 –Amherst, VA – Horses are naturally prey animals. As a result, their vibrational fields are exponentially bigger than our own. They’re not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. They are always alert, living in the moment.

According to Carolyn Fitzpatrick, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of how to channel that energy to help people. Fitzpatrick is the founder of The Horse Connection, an organization that specializes in using Equine Gestalt Coaching to help people move forward in their personal journey, whether they’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or simply need the motivation to navigate through transition.

“Horses understand us in ways we haven’t been willing to understand about ourselves,” says Fitzpatrick. “At the Horse Connection we believe horses can connect with people to surface emotional issues they have not yet adequately addressed. What’s so wonderful about it is the horse is using everything that’s natural to them.”

Fitzpatrick has kept horses of all breeds since she was five years old, over 60 years.

“Whether I was very sad or very happy I would always find myself walking to the barn. I didn’t know why. I was literally being drawn to the barn,” says Fitzpatrick. “I started investigating this experience. Is it real? Am I imagining it? That’s how I started training to be an Equine Gestalt Coach.”

As an Equine Gestalt Coach facilitator, Fitzpatrick draws on both her experience with horses and her training to interpret the horse’s behavior.

“When I ask a question and the client answers in a way that is authentic and true, the horse walks over to them because they like that energy,” explains Fitzpatrick. “If they say something they want me to believe that is not true, the horse will walk to the other side of the pen. They don’t want to be near it because it’s incongruent energy.”

A family mediator for over 26 years, she says Equine Gestalt Coaching was natural transition. What makes Equine Gestalt Coaching different, however, is that everything Fitzpatrick arranges between the client and the horse is truly an experiment. If successful, this experiment should move the client in the direction they need to go or unveil what they need to find.

“My clients are highly functional and smart enough to know that the way they’re feeling isn’t how they want to continue feeling,” says Fitzpatrick. “I am there to encourage and support, not condemn, judge or have a preconceived notion they should go in a certain direction because of a past choice. I would much rather help them create a path to where they want to be.

“Horses have so much to teach us and they don’t speak our language,” says Fitzpatrick. “That they will step forward and work with me in session, it amazes me and fills me with gratitude.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Carolyn Fitzpatrick in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 6th at 2pm EST.

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