BatteryScore – The First and Only iPhone Battery Benchmarking Application

LIGHTNING RELEASES (5/15/2014) – BatteryScore allows users to benchmark the strength of their iPhone battery. The BatteryScore application operates by running a stress load test on the phone and then measuring the battery degradation over the period that the test runs.

The applicaiton analyzes the battery life of the iPhone by measuring the time taken in seconds for the phone to move through two API battery level thresholds and uses that to compute an overall score for the battery.

The result is a score, which you can easily compare to other phones to see if your battery is still in good condition. The higher the score the better the battery.

Through the app, users are able to view their test history, share test results through social media or email, or upon the completion of an in-app purchase upload these results to a web portal that allows them to compare their BatteryScore results with other users of the app.

Key Features

Performs a stress test on the battery

Measures battery drainage over a certain period

Fast and reliable benchmark results

Compare results with other iPhones online

Works with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 series

Free to download and test your iPhone battery


What is the number of processes?

The number of processes shows you every process that is given back by the API. This number will never be zero because there are always many processes running in the background. For reliable test results you should close as many apps as possible before starting the test.

Why do I have to charge the battery to 100%?

Every battery test should be started under the same conditions. This is only possible when it always starts at the same battery level.

Why should I switch Airplane mode on?

Every battery test should be started under the same conditions. Only then, will your results be reliable and comparable.

Does batteryscore improve my battery life?

No, batteryscore shows you a battery benchmark that can be compared to other batteries. This helps you to see if your battery is still in good condition.

Where can I compare my results?

On You just have to buy the full version. That’s cheap, and you will help a developer to make even better apps.

My phone is getting pretty hot during the test, is this normal?

That’s absolutely normal. We just try to stress your phone, so that the energy saved in your battery will be released in a short time frame.

When will the application be available in the iTunes App Store?

New York City – May 15th, 2014 – batteryscore is now online on the Apple Store.

We will post regular updates on our website ( and Facebook page ( Stay tuned!





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