Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. Helps West Palm Beach Residents Update their Kitchens

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Boca Raton, Florida—April 22, 2014 –Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. provides West Palm Beach residents with newly renovated kitchens. This company utilizes eco-friendly equipment that cuts granite and marble slabs. Granite & Marble are very popular materials for kitchen countertops because of their durability and beauty. There are other options available such as Silestone and engineered quartz.

Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. has a fully stocked showroom in West Palm Beach. They provide fair and reasonable prices for granite and marble countertops. Granite and marble are heat resistant. Both materials are sure to add color and flare to homeowners’ kitchens. Stone remnants can be used for smaller home projects and they are available for customers as well.

About Amecol Granite & Marble Inc.:

Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. has been providing quality kitchen and bathroom countertops in West Palm Beach, FL since 2005. With an unwavering commitment to customer service and to providing quality marble and granite, Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. is one of the most popular companies in South Florida when it comes to any size remodeling projects. Amecol Marble & Granite Inc. also specializes in Silestone, a brand of engineered quartz countertops which offer all the beauty and durability of granite or marble with the unique able to be molded into a huge variety of shapes, colors and textures. For more information on the services of Amecol Granite & Marble Inc. call (561) 254-8973 or visit